Friends of POAP step forward

POAP has only become what it is because tens of people from all over the world have contributed to make it happen.

Starting from the founding team:

Rene Schmidt
Gonzalo Sainz Trápaga
Daniel Fernandez
Patricio Worthalter

And the earliest supporters: Evan Van NessMariano ContiJoseph Delongmakoto_inoue, among many others.

During the pandemic we leveraged the help of outstanding personalities like Cooper TurleyDeFi DudeAlex FisherGeoff LamperdArtem KanakiBruno BalzaniWill PriceDanny RyanJohn PallerFranziska Heintel, again among many others we are missing from this list.

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Design courtesy of our newest core contributor:

We want all of you to know that you are appreciated, to recognize that you made this possible and to give you a digital token that proves that during 2020, you went the extra mile to help POAP.

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